iPhone X Display Assembly Adhesive - FPPRO


  • Brand: FPPRO
  • Product Code: FP0016
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

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iPhone  liquid and dust resistance tape is a tape that increases the water and dust resistance of iPhone applied between the screen and the case. The screen needs to be refreshed for all operations that require battery replacement and power on. You can buy it individually and in numbers.

Quality Material

We used the highest quality material in the FPPRO water and dust resistance tapes. With strong adhesion and stretching quality, you get the highest efficiency desired from a tape that provides water and dust resistance..

Easy Applicability
It provides extra convenience during application thanks to its unique multi-layered design. In this way, even if you are not a technician, you can easily apply the liquid and dust protection tape to your device in a few steps.

High Resistance to Liquid and Dust

It protects its structure for years and provides protection against water and dust. FPPRO liquid and dust tape maintains the strength of the device without being affected by cold-hot ambient conditions.

* Water and dust resistance tapes do not add waterproof feature to your iPhone.

* Resistance to water, splashing and dust is not permanent and may decrease as a result of wear due to use. Fluid damage is not covered by Apple warranty.

To avoid contact with water, avoid doing the following:

Swimming or bathing with your iPhone

Exposing your iPhone to pressurized or high-speed water with actions like shower, water ski, wake boarding, surfing, jet ski

Using your iPhone in the sauna or steam room

Deliberately immersing your iPhone in water

Using your iPhone outside the recommended temperature ranges or in extremely humid conditions

Dropping your iPhone or subjecting it to other shocks

What should I do if my iPhone gets wet?

If any liquid other than water splashes on your iPhone, rinse the affected area with a small amount of clean water.

Wipe your iPhone with a lint-free soft cloth, such as eyeglass cloth.

Make sure your iPhone is dry before opening the SIM tray.

To dry your iPhone, gently tap the Lightning connector down and let excess liquid flow. Leave your iPhone in a dry place with air flow. Putting the iPhone in front of a fan that blows cold air in through the Lightning connector can help with the drying process.

Do not dry your iPhone using an external heat source or by inserting foreign substances such as cotton swabs or paper towels into the Lightning connector.

What should I do if my iPhone gets wet and starts muffled through the speaker?

Check if the water is in the microphone or the speaker: Place the iPhone with the side of the speaker facing down on a lint-free cloth and see if the water drips. It can degrade the performance of the speaker or microphone until the water in the port is completely evaporated. Dry your iPhone by following the instructions given earlier.

What should I do if my iPhone gets dusty?

If your iPhone gets dusty, wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth (for example, a lens cleaning cloth). Make sure the dust on your iPhone is removed before opening the SIM tray. Do not use cleaning products or compressed air.

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