iPhone X Battery Sticker - FPPRO

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FPPRO iPhone battery sticker is used for sticking the battery to the case during battery changes or all repairs that require removal of the battery.

The battery tape ensures that the battery remains stable inside the case. It is important for easy battery removal from the case when replacing batteries. It is sold singly and in numbers. If you are going to change the battery, don't forget to add battery tape to your basket!

How to Stick the Battery Tape

You can watch our video to see how the battery band is applied.

Easy Applicability

It provides extra convenience during application thanks to its unique multi-layered design. In this way, you can easily apply the battery band to your device in a few steps even if you are not a technician

Quality Material

Based on years of experience of our technical service, we offered the best quality battery band for sale. We have been able to reach the highest quality tape by seeing the shortcomings of the tapes that we have used for years in our workshop. Thanks to its thermal conductivity, it helps to discharge heat at normal temperatures. It keeps the battery stationary inside the case and prevents damage to the motherboard.

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