iMac Opening Wheel


  • Brand: FPPRO
  • Product Code: FP0050
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The iMac opening wheel is used to safely separate iMac screens, which are gluing. The package includes 5 opening wheels and 1 handle.

Thanks to the unique design of the latest iMac models, the soft band between the screen and the case must be cut to remove the screen. The master of this is the FPPRO iMac opening wheel, providing professional convenience in screen removal. Produced with higher quality material compared to alternative products. FPPRO opening wheel helps you detach the screen from the chassis without damaging your iMac.

Imagine you are using a pizza cutter

The iMac opening wheel is similar to the structure of the pizza cutter. It rotates as it travels between the screen and the frame, thereby creating a safe range.

The iMac opening wheel consists of two parts

  • It has a high grip handle and additionally a thin slicing blade on the back of the handle to loosen the adhesive. The handle is made of reinforced nylon and provides high grip.
  • The cutting wheel is specially designed to create a gap between the screen and the aluminum frame. After creating a gap between the screen and frame, you can easily cut the tape with the cutter located behind the handle.

Professional iMac opening tool

If you need to open your iMac for any reason, be sure to add the iMac boot wheel to your cart.

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