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FP Professional Technical Service Battery

With our years of technical service experience, we were able to test thousands of iPhone batteries. Original, sub-industry, quality, poor quality, high capacity, low capacity, we tried them all and observed in our workshop. It wasn't easy to get to the best battery, it took us a long time. We said that end of patience is salute and we have tested it for months by reaching the most efficient battery for iPhones. We observed customer experiences and evaluated complaints. We contributed to improvements by sharing one-to-one information with the factory.

High Material Quality

High material quality and real value mAh and wh (power) capacity provide longer discharge time than the original battery. It provides full and stable mAh values. It has a long life with 500-800 charging cycles and material quality.

Tested for months in our workshop

With over 10 years of service experience, we have repaired and repaired thousands of Apple products. We have spent years supplying the best quality parts iPhone needs. Of course, at the beginning of these parts are batteries. iPhone batteries are the most commonly used consumables in our service. That is why our team has worked hard to find the best quality.

Fresh Battery

In our tests, we have seen that battery manufacturing history has a big impact on battery quality. The fresh battery shows a longer discharge time than the stale battery. This caused the batteries to be eliminated by our team with a charge cycle of 0 but stale. This test shows us how important production dates are. Therefore, FP PRO batteries will always be available freshly.

Get the Most Reliable Battery

Get the most reliable battery! With the advanced smart ic, all precautions were taken. You can use the most secure battery FP PRO without keeping an eye out.

Unlike High Capacity Batteries

After 10 thousands of battery changes, we realized that the most necessary thing for the iPhone is not the high capacity but the efficient battery. FP PRO batteries provide the most efficient capacity for your iPhone.

Lets You Love Your iPhone Again

Forget about charging times that run out of battery quickly, turn off suddenly and don't let you down. Fill the tank with FP PRO batteries and re-use your iPhone.

Certified, Secure and Guaranteed

Our batteries are certified by multinational companies that provide world-wide inspection, verification, testing and certification services. These certificates are given after many tests such as charge time, drop tests, low pressure, over charge tests. Our batteries are guaranteed for 1 year.

Technical Service Support

You can get professional support from our workshop for the batteries you purchased. If you want to get support from our service, just select the option I want to get assembly service just before adding it to the cart and add it to the cart. You can make a battery change to come to our workshop or you can send your iPhone with free shipping anywhere in Turkey.

Caution: Lithium-ion batteries are flammable, do not fold, puncture, or dispose of in trash. Take it to the nearest waste battery box!

Cargo shipments are made with special packages that are resistant to impacts and crushes.

Battery replacement must be performed by the technician. Doing so by non-technicians may cause damage to the device or to the device.

You can get support from our service for battery replacement.

Brand FP PRO
Compatible model iPhone 8
mAh 1821 mAh
Circle Times 500-800
Current Cycle Count 0
Service Life 2-3 years
Weight 27.1 gr
Working Temperature -20°~50°
Working Best Temperature 20°~30°
Battery Cell %100 Cobalt
PCB IC Original
Service İnformation Yes

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